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📣 ESC — OPEN CALL / #2030 SS

Today, the time has changed. 

Nothing will be the same. 

Technology and nature need to find their way to exist in harmony.

Of course, it feels as usual systems and measures, economy, government, education, health care, and etc. have failed us, but we failed too. We have created our current reality by following the system. This system neither can support or protect all of us in crisis situations. 

While the world chases the money and oil, art galleries claim to decide on ‘what is art?’ we can create our own rules. Besides for getting our message across or to be heard, we do not need to be exhibited in a gallery space anymore. From now on we can help people to open their eyes and broaden perception distantly — digitally. 

So now it’s time to propose a new approach to perceiving, measuring and understanding the world through art and in general. Therefore as artists, we can create hope, offer solutions and visions for a better future ourselves. 

In fact, VVOVVA believes that art defines itself when it is made. Thus everyone is an artist. 

This project is the start of a unique creative community that will investigate new perspectives in the art without any borders or guidelines. Basically we will gather and share the strongest ideas that reflect specific people’s views on the upcoming destiny of humanity. We are especially searching for future and contemporary ways to bond humans, nature, and technology through art.

image: @vvovvalab


Create art* as you would do in 10 years in the future

you can also email us your works 😉


— you can submit 1 work of art
— media formats: image, video, sound (max 10 MB)
— collaborative works are accepted
— no size or dimensions restrictions
open to all artists working at any level
— no sex, age, nationality, geolocation or education restrictions

For now, the project exists in an infinite online mode.

! The open call is CLOSED !


* painting, sculpture, installation, performance, sound, photography, graphics, video, etc. 

Open Call

ESC — is an online exhibition that traps your view and mind in the future, to be precise in 10 years. Primary the ESC aims to reflect the dreams and expectations of the artists. This is a study of a particular individual’s connection with the environment, experience, and knowledge. A thought on something unexplored: in another time, in an unknown space, with an unknown audience. In reality, we propose the freedom to explore something new!

It is our revolution, an answer to the contemporary design and art scenes… in 10 years from now. It is an escape from reality, a time machine if you will.


We think better about future selves. While at the same time predictions about the future or the past are equally ‘knowable’ on the basis of the present and equally accurate. We strive to explore this connection with the past, present, and future. 

The ESC open call is also the opportunity to understand more about how we see and perceive ourselves in the future. For example, when people think of themselves after 10 years, the part of the brain that thinks of themselves calms down. And this process is amazingly similar to when we think about other people in general. In other words, ESC open call gives us a chance to tap into the future perception of all people from individual points of view.

More about VVOVVA  

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