( Friday, December 30, 2022, 16:44 )

Erris Huigens / Deconstructie

Erris Huigens (Deconstructie), an Amsterdam artist, creates works that explore the aspects of graffiti and painting, minimalism, and conceptual art. Over years his style has been refined, allowing him to reconfigure these aspects into more personal works. His minimalist paintings and drawings can be found both inside and outside the studio. For example, some exist on the surfaces of abandoned factories and houses in North Holland, or even on record covers of labels Delsin or Metalheadz sold worldwide.

The line emphasizes, crosses out, marks, and connects; it is arguably the shortest connection between two points. Erris Huigens with his lines embraced the notion of the epic ‘I WAS HERE’. Much like the oldest ‘trace of art’ by humankind, the handprints that were discovered by archeologists in the caves of Maros in the South of the Indonesian island Sulawesi  ). 

But by merging with old and crumbling surfaces, Huigens’ act of painting goes deeper than simply picture-making. His method exists for both forming and releasing his thoughts, shaping them all, and letting them crumble into the earth. This approach of Erris Huigens serves as a vehicle to translate, or rather, to transform everyday life. 

Erris Huigens reduced works can be understood as ‘visual sampling’. He adapts and appropriates the existing material. In that way, a shadow on the canvas becomes a subject and a blueprint for other paintings. The recurring line as a subject is also a sample. It is used like a tag in graffiti and possibly poses a direct connection to the artist’s roots in the subculture.




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