( Thursday, August 4, 2022, 10:33 )

Inês Norton

Inês Norton, with a degree in graphic design and a career as a visual artist, addresses issues related to the binomial: natural and organic vs artificial and synthetic. She approaches these two obviously opposed concepts with observation and registration. And more than that, Norton primarily explores her contemporary dialogues, points of interception, or dissonance and tension. So naturally, these explorations act as a starting point for her own artistic language and, at the same time, generate different results and problems.

Through a holistic perspective, linked to her personal practices, Inês Norton expresses concerns regarding the theme of sustainability. Therefore, the vital part of her work is related to her call of reconnecting with our primordial essence and the urgency of reviewing outdated paradigms. However, sometimes her point of view reveals through an intentionally ironic speech.

Only recently, in a paradoxical historical moment when privacy fades on the screens of a new so-called social life, Inês Norton became focused on the sense of touch. In her work, she calls attention to the fragmentation of touch that takes on new outlines in this new framework. She explores the definition of fundamental meeting points between technology and empathy, artificial and emotional intelligence.

‘I create, believing that art is the path less obstructed to experiencing, which taps into that millionth of a second prior to the impulse to create barriers and create concepts, that I call the truth.’




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