( Monday, October 10, 2022, 10:59 )

Ivana Bašić

Born in Serbia, the artist Ivana Bašić lives and works in New York since 2010. She addresses in her work not only the vulnerability and transformation of the body but also of human matter. Furthermore, she examines the ways in which original matter; like life, breath, or dust, submits to various conditions pressed upon it. Both an anatomical and a meta-physiological focus on the corporeal runs through Basic’s work.

She operates in a multitude of media, including video, and sculptures in stone, stainless steel, silicone, blown glass, and, most importantly, wax. For Ivana Bašić, the form reflects materiality, therefore she chooses the media for her works because of their elemental properties. And more than that, the materials are utilized as substances rather than blank artistic elements.

At times, she also injects her sculptures with kinetic, machine-like components. This way, she offers a tangible connection between any given entity and the broader systems within which it must operate. 

Moreover, Ivana Bašić’s sculptures evoke the idea of self-dissolution as a potential path to immortality. Her work builds upon this dynamic, using the traumatic awareness of one’s own final mortality. Through her practice, she negotiates the mechanics of becoming and un-becoming and speculates on scenarios beyond death and singularity.




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