( Thursday, March 30, 2023, 17:52 )

Marco Rossetti

Marco Rossetti is an Italian artist known for his thought-provoking photographic works. Born in Campania, Rossetti has been living and working in the Florentine area for years. The unique approach to photography that he developed over time challenges our perception of reality. In his work, he intentionally removes subjects from photographs thus creating an incompletely defined space. Through that ’emptiness,’ he invites viewers to rely on their memory and fill in the gaps. And much like a surreal painting, Rossetti often distorts the image offering a multitude of possibilities for mental variation.

The artistic practice of Marco Rossetti not only seeks to redefine the two-dimensional nature of photography. His work also offers insights into the complexities of modern society. His exploration of complex themes specifically sheds light on the mental mechanisms behind our interpretation of visual media. 

By examining the relationship between word and image, Rossetti offers a unique perspective on the role of photography in contemporary culture.

The altered spaces that Marco Rossetti creates in his photographs often generate a sense of ambiguity. In other words, they encourage the viewer to question their assumptions about the world. His work also highlights the importance of memory and how it shapes our understanding of the past and present. Through his art, Rossetti offers an introspective analysis of society, posing questions and sparking discussions on crucial topics.

Through his work, Rossetti aims to provoke thought and encourage reflection, an emotional connection between the viewer and the artwork.



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