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Michele Gabriele

Michele Gabriele is a contemporary visual artist from Fondi, Italy, currently based in Milan. They explore the space between the second and third dimensions, focusing on the concept of distance in both digital and material space, and the relationship between the observer and the artwork. Gabriele’s sculptural works reveal the small details and distractions that an image can contain, while challenging our perceptions of reality.

Their works are molds that reference their own prototypes, practical effects, and casualness. The sculptures recreate and reprogram the world in their own image or the possibilities of production made by rendering the natural world as consistent data. Time operates as an inspiration, creating a new fiction that has no clear precedent in visual history.

In the ‘With the corner of the eye’ series, Gabriele honors the uneasiness, fragility, and social awkwardness of their subjects, challenging the stereotypes associated with them. Their artistic research and sculptural works provide an innovative body of work that can be defined as post-digital hyper-materialism, pushing us to consider new possibilities for our understanding of space and time.

Gabriele’s work encourages an active observation of forms and prompts us to explore the distance between representation and physicality. By questioning the relationship between the observer and the observed, they challenge our perceptions of reality and push us to consider new possibilities in art and life.

Photos: courtesy of the Artist and Ashes/Ashes, NY


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