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Nicolás Lamas

Nicolás Lamas is a contemporary artist from Lima, Peru. He currently lives and works in Brussels, Belgium. Lamas’ artworks challenge conventional ideas about matter and explore the complex relationships between humans and non-humans. His works are the multifaceted interplay between diverse materials, life forms, technological artifacts, and linguistic references. This erases the boundaries between them. 

Lamas is particularly interested in the space between the inside and outside of objects, as well as the gaps between different ideas and the body. These spaces are fascinating to him because they create a connection between how humans understand things through language and how we experience them in other ways. By using the interaction between materials, Lamas creates new ways of looking at the world, beyond what we can physically see.

In his works, Lamas challenges viewpoints and subverts established categories, undermining long-held assumptions. He goes around static forms of classification and breaks out old and established channels, defying stability and following the rhythms and flows of artifacts, materials, and bodies. Additionally, Lamas explores the relationship between the human body and matter as an active force, which is a recurring theme in his art.

Lamas’ art reflects a time when artistic perceptions actively appropriate object-like codes of pre-Western aesthetics while invoking digital technology. This combination enables Lamas to imagine potential global scenarios. Moreover, Lamas’ works challenge traditional perceptions of matter and create new perspectives beyond established boundaries. Furthermore, his explorations offer new ways of seeing and understanding the world around us.

Nicolas Lamas / Assemblage and circulation, 2021
Nicolas Lamas / Matterflux, 2021



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