( Tuesday, January 24, 2023, 01:41 )

Octavi Serra

Octavi Serra, a Barcelona-based artist, designer, and photographer, searches for the irony, truth, and disappointment of modern life in his work. His artistic approach is highly aesthetic and poetic. And to get harbored such a special sensitivity, Serra understood that, at least for him, art is a form of communication. Therefore he uses aesthetics and poetry as a language. At the end of the day, the visual makes people surprised and captures their attention. And only later, once the shock passes, that poetry is filtered by emotions and reasoning. 

As Octavi Serra expressed, he never wanted to transmit closed speeches or fixed or concrete ideas. And because of the complexity of things, often he finds it impossible to be convinced of anything. Therefore he starts his work with skepticism and then he introduces doubts, ambiguities, and concerns.

Furthermore, Octavi Serra consciously works with recycled materials and makes sure that his projects do not harm the environment. On top of that, he often works with waste and low-cost materials which further help him express his views. His work reflects on topics such as surveillance, greed, corruption, environmental destruction, egoism, and technology. 

As Octavi Serra always takes his art to the streets, his work exists beyond a gallery space. Through this powerful way, he can communicate better with the public, and express himself without any filters. More than that, Serra believes that creativity is essential for finding ways to do what feels right and avoid what doesn’t. As he describes, he sees creativity as an anonymous grain of sand in favor of the alternative. In other words, he constantly doubts the established.



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