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Richie Culver

Richie Culver, a self-taught artist, hails from a working-class family in Hull, in Northern England. His exposure to art was minimal during his childhood. Still, his inherent artistic talent refused to stay hidden. Eventually, he pursued a multifaceted career spanning painting, sculpture, photography, and digital performance.

His work, deeply autobiographical, explores timely themes. These include contemporary masculinity, the class system, and our lives’ digital lens. A considerable part of his work centers on his contentious relationship with technology. He particularly focuses on the fleeting nature of social media and its influence on human interaction and language. Images gathered on his phone, guided by his personal and cultural memories, frequently appear in his pieces.

His work transcends mere visual aesthetics. Instead, they serve as a chronicle of a broken and disconnected inner monologue. Just imagine short phrases, translated into various languages, cleverly concealed by layers of paint. This technique creates a compelling visual metaphor, highlighting the superficial relationships fostered by digital advancements. However, despite their ease of establishment, these connections ultimately remain distanced from genuine understanding.

Richie Culver employs the very instruments he criticizes, resulting in a compelling and thought-stirring collection of work. He delves into the crossroads of art and technology. His creations offer a powerful commentary on the condition of modern communication. They stand as a testament to art’s capacity to probe and question the existing norms.


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