( Wednesday, January 11, 2023, 20:49 )

Tobias Bradford

Originally from Örebro, Sweden, artist Tobias Bradford currently resides between Stockholm and London. In his work, he explores the boundaries between reality and illusion. Bradford’s animated sculptural installations draw on ideas from mechanical engineering, robotics, and puppetry. Not only he creates captivating environments and objects, but they also appear as if they act independently. By disrupting the notion of self-agency, his pieces create a tension between rational thought and one’s emotional experience of the world.

Tobias Bradford himself explains that the thrill of making art out of machines comes from him figuratively creating something that is alive. In fact, he finds modern machines difficult to interpret. He believes that the sound of a refrigerator fan buzzing in an unpredictable manner is mysterious and can be seen as an attempt at communication. 

He also finds the mechanical nature of eternal repetition an interesting concept in relation to the body, noting his own neurotic traits that he does not have control over.

Throughout his work, Bradford often draws on childhood memories and the idea of ‘childhood animism’ where people are not yet distinguished from objects. More than that his sculptures often depict a sense of horror as well as comic impressions, creating a longing and sadness for the limitations of the body. Bradford’s works also emphasize the strangeness of everyday life by being stuck in a loop and reveal the absurdity of life.





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