( Wednesday, November 13, 2019, 22:30 )

Vikenti Komitski

Born in Sofia, Bulgaria, Vikenti Komitski is currently based in Berlin. He graduated Sculpture in NAA in Sofia and Master’s program Art In Context in Universität der Künste, Berlin.

With his last series of works, he displays the multi-layered surface that forms an image that is often covered over by the flatness of the picture. Komitski makes his large-scale ‘collages’ out of the found objects and budget shop items. He also deliberately creates works that are multi-dimensional and impure which go against the modernist credo of flatness and purity. 

In fact, the practice of collecting things seems like a primary gesture that shapes Komitski’s works. However, these mere gatherings of trivia and their formal assemblage allow appearing the illusion of the visual unconscious. In particular, the illusion that haunts the post-internet era and that casts a deep crack in its seeming surface. 


Vikenti Komitski makes works from different layered segments that in the end add up to a kind of visual rebus. He deliberately plays with our perception. Equally, he plays with the interpretation of image and object, visuality and spatiality, trash and art, obvious and secret, and the natural and artificial. 

Therefore when today’s digital times are fully altered by humans and their technologies, Komitski reminds us of the analog (origin). Moreover of a non-human, animals, and nature in general. At the same time, these images of birds, trees, etc. are altered and deformed by the constructions that hold them. Since all innocence is long gone.





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