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The manufacturing industry is using standard-sized material and every machine used works according to these sizes. Instead of seeing this as a limitation it became an inspiration to search for new possibilities.

Sheet metal is often folded to rule out its flexible properties and to create stiffness in the material. Although its flexibility can also be used to our advantage. In this case, in combination with high precision manufacturing evolves a language of the form: bent sheet tries to return to its original flat shape and creates a force that locks pieces together. Every piece is made out of a standard size sheet of 1000 by 2000 millimeters.

All pieces are made by hand, therefore, color spills may vary from product images.

Zinc-plated Steel
17,5 kg

50 × 45 × 50 cm (H×W×L)

  • Gold / Green
  • Purple / Green / Gold

Ships From: Netherlands

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