Caleido Centerpiece


The progressive extinction of some traditional craft techniques brings with it a difficult availability of some materials: this is the case of some types of glass used for stained glass technique (Tiffany). If in the past the range of products was wide and varied, nowadays the few remaining manufacturing companies are working on a supply limited to the most requested colors and textures and made from the simplest processes. Often, therefore, the artisans still keep in their workshops the remains of slabs that are now unusable, because they are too small and impossible to find again.

The Caleido collection is born from the desire to use these ‘remains’ to make them live again in limited edition pieces. Their peculiarity lies in the uniqueness of each object, which is made up of a kaleidoscope of colors and textures that can vary depending on the material availability.

Antiqued glass

Ø 36 H 15 cm

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Ships From: Italy

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