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Tall and slender, one to make up her own mind, to follow her own path. Not easily distracted, and not easily worried. Self-assured and focused, it is unthinkable to feel indifferent about her: We will need to choose our side, and needless to say, we will want to choose hers. This is GAIA, naturally.

Suitable for: securing partings and loose styles.

All CLINQ clips are made of high-quality spring steel, which allows for the elasticity needed in hair clips. The metal-folding process is executed in-house with custom-engineered tools. All clips are mirror polished in a process called Keramo-Finish surface finishing, originally developed to achieve micro-fine surfaces for the aviation industry. For our gold-plated items, we use 24 karat gold in 2 Β΅m plating.

Mirror polished spring steel

7,6 Γ— 2,5 cm

  • Gold-plated
  • Silver-tone

Ships From: Germany

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