Rainbow Sculpture


‘Rainbow sculpture’ (2014) is a unique ceramic piece with organic shapes and bright colorful glazes. The work is build up from casts from multiple (human) models. The body shapes are constructed as an assemblage. The work has a drying process of a minimum of three weeks. When the sculpture is dry, it is fired two times: First with a lower temperature of 1080º, and the second firing is for applying the glaze with a high firing of 1160º. The glazes are applied with the spray technique. ‘Rainbow Sculpture’ is frost proof (as long there is taken care of) and will last a lifetime.

One of a kind.

As all items are made by hand, minor variations from product pictures may occur.

Ceramics, multiple glazes, fired at 1160º.

50 × 37 × 31 cm (H×L×W)

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