Rock Candle x 3


Granite — the business card of the Earth. On the other planets of the Solar system, this deep nature is not revealed. Boulder — these rocks traveled through glaciers and rivers which made them smooth and rounded. Pebble — during millions of years the limestone turned into marble and sandstone turned into Jasper. Each rock contains layers from different types of minerals.

Each piece is hand molded and slightly different from each other. Products from palm wax are environmentally friendly due to the unique set of tropical oils which include only natural ingredients with no chemical additives. These candles have a double combustion duration compared to paraffin. The lack of odor and soot are also advantages of a vegetable wax candle.

100% palm wax, cotton wick, natural pigments

Pebble: 5 × 5 × 8 cm / Fire time: 12 hrs
Boulder: 8 × 16 × 11 cm / Fire time: 24 hrs
Granite: 10 × 11 × 13 cm / Fire time: 48 hrs

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