Waving at Machines (4 variations)


Reminiscent of oil spills and liquid metal this new aesthetic inspired theme features scarves with striking prints and colors. In these fluid patterns, natural shapes merge with a post-digital, computer-generated aesthetic.

Our prints are generated using a procedural algorithm commonly used to digitally generate patterns of the natural world. Every type of pattern is generated with a specific set of colors and complexity parameters. Care: Dry-Clean Only.

We did our best to make colors on our website to look as close to original as possible but due to different lighting and displays, colors may vary slightly.

100% Silk Habotai

120 × 120 cm


Shipping Details

Shipping from : Germany

Country State Cost
Austria Any 6.00
Belgium Any 6.00
Bulgaria Any 30.00
Croatia Any 10.00
Cyprus Any 30.00
Czech Republic Any 6.00
Denmark Any 6.00
Estonia Any 10.00
Finland Any 30.00
France Any 6.00
Germany Any 0.00
Greece Any 30.00
Hungary Any 6.00
Republic of Ireland Any 30.00
Italy Any 10.00
Latvia Any 10.00
Lithuania Any 10.00
Malta Any 10.00
Netherlands Any 6.00
Poland Any 6.00
Portugal Any 10.00
Romania Any 30.00
Slovakia Any 6.00
Slovenia Any 6.00
Spain Any 10.00
Sweden Any 10.00
United Kingdom (UK) Any 10.00

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