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Profile: Atelier Naerebout

Atelier Naerebout is located in the West of Amsterdam in the Netherlands.

The founder of the studio Joren Naerebout, studied Interior Design at the Royal Academy of Art in the Hague (2005-2009). The minimalistic style that Atelier Naerebout is known for was mainly developed after the studies. Joren currently is working at Studio Bakker which gives him a chance to perfect interior and styling assignments. In parallel, developing products for his own studio gives him almost full freedom in the designing process.

Atelier Naerebout started seven years ago when Joren decided to create his first product, which is a brand’s classic today — ‘The Leaning Lamp’.

At that time working on it at home he developed the lamp. When the first prototype was finished he gave an assignment to a professional to make 5 of them. It only took a couple of weeks to sell them via his online store and social media. Since then Joren just couldn’t stop anymore to produce and design new things and the brand steadily grow.

For Joren the design process is about details, the little things. He believes that actual manufacturing should be developed by professionals in that area which lets him do what he loves — to design. His minimal products are built to last a lifetime.

‘I am a true believer of minimalism. It does not mean I don’t appreciate other styles, forms, etc. Minimalism just comes most natural to me. I am not doing it on purpose. I believe that in a world with so much going on, I have to offer people simple things. Stripped of any nonsense. Things that make you appreciate small gestures, the beauty of a line, a material, one single color or a shadow.’

It is preferred for Atelier Naerebout to manufacture its products in the Amsterdam area and in very small numbers. To make the final product price not too high it is necessary for Joren to be smart with the production. Production in small quantities and in a local area gives a desired happy possibility to have almost full control over the end product.

As Joren explains: ‘The bigger the scale of assignments (like interior or architecture), the more people are involved and the less control you have over the process and end product. Bigger scale means a different approach to a product. It would be great to have bigger companies developing one of my products but I am nowhere near that yet. At the moment making small amounts works good for me, let’s see what happens in the future!’

Joren’s attention to details is a perfectionist approach which doesn’t let him stop as it constantly reminds: ‘I can do better!’

Thankfully to this meticulous way in designing and production processes all Atelier Naerebout products are made with exceptional quality and precision. 

We are looking forward to new developments from Atelier Naerebout and to get you excited about future products here is a ‘little’ hint: ‘Lamps, lamps, lamps…’