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Ksenia Nunis (k53n14) is an artist and curator based in the Hague, Netherlands. Having been drawn to the arts since childhood, she studied printmaking and graphic design before completing her Bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts at the Gerrit Rietveld Academie in Amsterdam.

For more than thirteen years, k53n14 has collaborated with emerging and established artists and designers. In 2009, she created and curated a series of exhibitions for contemporary painters. She then went on to co-found a concept store in 2011, taking on roles as curator, artistic director, and brand ambassador. In 2017, she established her own independent gallery, VVOVVA. It serves as both an artist-run space and a platform for art curators, galleries, and similar-minded creatives.

Ksenia is especially fascinated by the contrast between nature and man-made and machine-made technology and uses her artistic practice to explore the balance between the two. In 2020, she initiated the ESC, a series of exhibitions and open calls dedicated to all artists working at any level. The exhibitions seek to open a conversation about the future of nature and technology, asking questions rather than providing answers. Each exhibition is co-curated by open-minded galleries, art spaces, curators, and artists.

'I hope that this relatively concise digital letter helps to answer some of your questions. I believe that all people have creative potential from birth, regardless of their chosen profession. Over time, our individual visions may be supported or diminished through various experiences. When we pursue a creative path, it is not uncommon for us to opt for safe and familiar choices, even if they are not enjoyable or fulfilling. This is why VVOVVA, an independent contemporary art and design gallery, was established; to support those with the ambition to create without barriers.

We collaborate with artists and designers of all levels of experience and credibility. At VVOVVA, we strive to make decisions that are not driven by advertising and marketing. Our name was created accordingly, as an anonymous placeholder similar to the anglophone name 'Bob'.
If you are interested to know more, please see my selected works here β€” ksenianunis.com & @k53n14_, or just email me at info@vvovva.com with the remark β€˜friends’, this way I will know it's personal.'

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