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Sali Muller

A sensitive analyst of habits of vision and perception, Sali Muller focuses on concepts such as selfishness and, ultimately, finiteness. She is a young, up-and-coming artist who is primarily, in the medium of the installation, on the impossibility of depicting a person.

With her Concept Art, Sali Muller investigates the role of the individual in relation to himself and his environment. Not least of all, they address the issue of how human beings alienate from their own self-image. The artist’s repertoire includes photography, objects, light and sound installations.

Her work involves stimulating reflection and, quite significantly, mirrors. The mirror-works belong to an aspect of their oeuvre in which the artist focuses on the subjectivity of perception. She takes the mirror as the point of departure for a narrative of anti-reflection.

With her dysfunctional mirror works, Sali Muller directs our attention to the possibility of getting to the bottom of our visual culture. It does this by treating the obsession with the transparency of all private processes with skepticism and irony – one need not think of the folly of self-revelation that runs rampant on Facebook and other Internet platforms.

‘As time goes by, the installations are going through substantial changes, just like human beings. During the continuous disassembly into elementary parts the artworks are taken apart, losing their original shape and steadily their raison d’être (‘reason to be’). 

The presence or substance is reduced to a minimum through the destruction until only the spiritual existence remains. Those works confront the viewers with the destructive mentality and behavior of human beings and their own self-destruction.’ — Sali Muller