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Natasja Alers

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Heart Sculpture

‘Heart Sculpture’ (2018) is a unique ceramic piece with organic shapes and a dark brown, black glaze. The work is build up from casts from multiple (human) models. The body shapes are constructed as an assemblage. The work has a drying process of a minimum of three weeks. When the sculpture is dry, it is fired two times: First with a lower temperature of 1080º, and the second firing is for applying the glaze with a high firing of 1160º. The glazes are applied with the spray technique. ‘Heart Sculpture’ is frost proof (as long there is taken care of) and will last a lifetime.

One of a kind.

As all items are made by hand, minor variations from product pictures may occur.

Ceramics, multiple glazes, fired at 1160º.

41 × 35 × 31 cm (H×L×W)

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