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Valery Guo

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The work of French artist Valery Guo is built around the Chinese word — 怪 [gwaii] (eng., ‘strange, unusual’), and is made of 3 different words — 忄 又 土 [xin] [you] [ tu]. Guo’s practice can be defined as ‘using your heart, your hand, and a raw material to create the 怪’. Fascinated with inventing new materials and processes, Valery Guo is mainly inspired by body transformations (like scars, transplants, wrinkles and etc.), including the crucial to physical world phases like birth and death.

The sculptures, similarly to the life cycle, are born with the help of oxygen — when the foam reacts to the air and starts expanding and forming an initial shape. Then the gravity does its work by pulling the mass down, creating folds. And finally, when the work gets to a mature point, Valery Guo mummifies the shape in a concrete shell. Even though time shows its power by creating cracks and scares, the sculpture is ready for eternal life.

One of a kind.

As all sculptures are made by hand, minor variations from product pictures may occur.

Concrete, polyurethane foam, pigment

2 kg

45 × 57 cm

Custom request


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