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Annegret Kellner

German contemporary artist Annegret Kellner currently resides in Amsterdam. She revolves her artistic practice around the subtle representation of tortured houseplants. Her unique methods offer a special experience of conflict and comfort to the viewer. And almost as if in a performance, Kellner’s interventions are interpreted through photos and videos.

Annegret Kellner in her artistic explorations previously also investigated the human body. She would slowly peel plasters off or cut into a skin-like material. And now, these works became a persecutor to her current work with plants, which is designed to threaten nature in a variety of ways. She explores not only the urge of plants to survive but also their materiality and flexibility in the face of human dominance. To this end, she has devised a variety of ways to threaten nature in order to make its fragility visible. She vacuum-packed her plants, poured them into cement and even crushed them. 

Therefore Annegret Kellner conveys an important message to her viewers: appreciate and be aware of nature’s vulnerability. 

Through her work, she encourages viewers to reflect on the delicate relationship between nature and the human world. By highlighting the beauty and fragility of the botanical world, she hopes to inspire viewers to take better care of the environment. This commitment to preserving nature has become an integral part of Kellner’s creative process.


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