( Wednesday, March 18, 2020, 17:26 )

Gioele Amaro

Contemporary artist Gioele Amaro is based in Paris. 

As Amaro is a digital painter, his studio in St. Germain exists without any colors, paint or brushes. In fact, his big scale works are painted with ink on canvas.

Amaro draws inspiration from the titans of art: ‘Clyfford still is my dad, Munch my Grandpa and Warhol my mum.’, he says.

To create one work he usually uses 3 to 5 images to find the right colors, composition, concept, etc. Primary Amaro with his work investigates distorted reality that evokes emotions.

‘In the army of the selfie, I’m a proud soldier. I take pictures that are not a reflection of real life. We filter to project an ideal. A distorted projection. This is exactly what I do when I project myself in front of a cold surface like steel. Is the truth in the context?’ 




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