( Thursday, March 9, 2023, 14:48 )

Jakub Kubica

Jakub Kubica is a multidisciplinary artist originally from Žilina, Slovakia, who currently resides and works in Berlin. Kubica’s artistic practice spans sculpture, visual and sound performances, and minimal furniture design. While the sculptures of Kubica appear industrial and static, they create an illusion of kinetic art being paused in motion. Furthermore, Kubica’s work praises nature, however, from a futuristic, post-human perspective. Which explains the use of contrasting materials like natural stone and sterile metals. 

As a child, Kubica covered his toy cars with aluminum and then observed how they would get damaged over time. But his fascination with nature sparked with his first visit to a museum. Where the exhibited old fossils, bones, and ceramics captivated him. As he says: ‘Eyes at our environment navigating with a new perspective. Perception of time has merged into my artistic career.’

Kubica’s artistic practice, marked by a theme of rediscovery, parallels the work of an archaeologist. This way he sees the present in new ways. 

For example, in the series ‘Please do not hesitate to contact me,’ Jakub Kubica explores the fragility of the environment and its potential loss. The title of this sculpture series plays on the modern phrase, often used in digital communication. And the works themselves appear as a poetic hyper-gesture between the digital and physical worlds. In these pieces, natural elements are held above mirrors with metal arms. This way rocks and wood appear as rare archaeological finds waiting to be discovered. Even the sensors that Kubica attaches to those ‘rare finds’ highlight their value and importance. He emphasizes rocks and soil as building blocks of our environment.

Overall, Jakub Kubica’s work celebrates nature through a futuristic lens. The artist reminds us of the importance of preserving our environment for future generations.




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