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☞ Monday, September 18, 2017, 10:00 ☜

Takuro Kuwata

The young artist Takuro Kuwata makes ‘dysfunctional’ yet oddly elegant clay objects. Leaving much to chance, the surfaces are thickly glazed to literally explode when baked in the kiln. Kuwata’s goal is to “create joyful and fun works, by making the most use of the characteristics of the materials”. By exploring, yet breaking the rules of ceramics, Kuwata has become one of the most intriguing young artists transforming the media today

Takuro Kuwata describes his work as firmly grounded within the traditions of ceramics. His focus is to push the potential of his materials, while referencing traditional forms and making functional objects. He is known for a number of experimental procedures, including adding stones to his clay mix so that when fired, they burst or puncture the clay structure, or using needles to catch the glaze of a vessel so that it creates a bumpy texture when fired 

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