Lifting Pendant (3 colors)


This pendant light was inspired by the eye bolts used for all kinds of heavy lifting purposes. How ironic it’s now used for lifting lighting. Create a playful dinner table with a collection of these pendants in different colors or use one as a bedside lamp hang from the wall mount. With this pendant the possibilities are endless. Create different looks by using a nice LED bulb or old-fashioned incandescent one. The lifting pendant is made by slip casting in plaster molds. They are made from stained porcelain in different colors like charcoal, tallow white, and sage green. The porcelain body is lifted by a raw yarn woven cable in matching color. Mounting: ceiling output. Light control: wall switch/dimmer. Max 40 watt. Cord length: 300 cm.

Stained porcelain, textile covered cord
0,2 kg

151 Γ— 66 cm

  • Black
  • Sage Green
  • White

Ships From: Netherlands

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