Scented Candles Apothecary x 4



Our Apothecary candles are produced with great love by the hand and the scents are combined with a refined nose and mixed with the ecological soy wax. No chemicals or paint are added.

Coconut & Aloe Vera — Welcome to a pearly white beach, icy blue sea and waving palm trees. The fragrance brings you straight back to the sun. We mix the well-known coconut scent with aloe vera and a touch of a sweet fig for a bit of summer sweetness.

Green tea lime — The soft spicy scent of green tea combined with the fresh citrus scent of the lime leaf. Perfect for relaxing, for a summer’s day or alongside a wonderfully warm bath.

Honeysuckle — A warm honey-like scent with jasmine and cotton accents. The scented candle has a perfect balance between sweet and floral.

Jasmine — The flower is also called ‘the queen of the night’. This is because this shrub spreads its scent especially when it gets dark. With this candle, you can let the sweet, exotic scent go through your room at any time.

Lavender — Use this classic scent for everyday rest moments. Whether you read a good book or combine this lavender candle with your morning ritual. Has a floral scent with slightly spicy accents.

Surf Swell — A super surf candle! Perfect waves roll to the coast, the wind is perfect and the salty air meets you. A very suitable scent that brings you back to a beach day.

Wild Tobacco — This smokey woody scent of tobacco flower is accompanied by the floral and warm scent of gardenia.

Fire time: 20-25 hrs each candle
100% soy wax

Ø 6 H 6 cm


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