80’s In de Hoek


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Gryanne Stunnenberg

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80’s In de Hoek

The entire body of work is created by following game rules as a working grid. Every series can, therefore, be seen as a different game. Every work within the series is a game within a game. Inside these structures that might seem rigid, meditation can be found.

The 80’s is a series of drawings, in which Gryanne Stunnenberg write number ’80’ according to game rules she has set for herself from the start. With the help of these guidelines, she achieves to depict a pattern in which the game rules are noticeable and the human hand is detectable. These drawings are based on repetitions and under the influence of the symbiosis of the body and mind. They became Gryanne’s fragmented diaries. Where she tries to achieve automatic handwriting that forms a different rhythm every time. The sets of game rules in combination with repetition, create a meditative state in the making process.

In the 80’s series artist direct the viewer’s thoughts as little as possible to create a space and time in which nobody tells you what to do, think or feel. Rather than anything the viewer might already know as an object, landscape.

One of a kind. Signed and dated 2016 on the reverse.

It is possible to organize a private viewing.

Black Indian ink on white paper

76 × 56 cm

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