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Kamila Sipika

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Guide to Unseen Elsewhere

The practice of the visual artist Kamila Sipika focuses on research-based paintings and 3D renderings. The interaction with visual phenomena such as perception, representation, and sensorial experiences, are central to her work. She creates images that are closely intertwined with the physical experience of seeing — the interdependence between reality and our senses. Kamila Sipika approaches work systematically which allows her to express from different angles, as opposed to being fixated on one viewpoint.

By staring and withholding the gaze into the maxed-out brightness of a screen or sun shape, the surrounding immediately becomes darker. And when closing the eyes, an optical echo of the screen remains visible. Focused on the afterimage that arises from the residual activity, the retaining light after viewing the source disappears. Kamila Sipika’s paintings are memories of such situations, generated images. And as the painting medium is flattened, reproduced, edited, and distributed across multiple systems and devices, the blur finds its metaphorical dimension. The work is dated 2021.

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Acrylic spray on canvas, framed with cherry wood

100 × 80 cm

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