Works I saw on the internet… II


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Michał Ratajczak

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Works I saw on the internet... II

The art practice of Michał Ratajczak is not about proving drawing skills (in which he is fluent) but rather a search for his own visual language. By exploring possibilities of mixed media techniques, he looks for something that he wants to be identified with. In general, he compares his process to ‘mindfulness’. In other words, he is conscious about what he does on paper/canvas (or beyond) and looks for the final form with every gesture, even if it’s just one touch.

‘Works I saw on the internet and I painted them later from the memory’ is a series about how we get inspired without even knowing it while watching works of others. Time and memory might have a great impact on our creative process, or we just copy and recreate via subconsciousness? Do I just daydream?

Mixed media, canvas

80 × 60 cm

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