Orbit Pot 5/30



Shun Yoon

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Estimate delivery time: 'Orbit' — 4-8 weeks, 'Sway' — 12 weeks. ! only ships to the Netherlands & Belgium

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Brands:Shun Yoon
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Orbit Pot 5/30

As an autonomous designer, Shun Yoon focuses on researching the relationship between functional context and abstract narrative within the object. He sees the hidden beauty and pours a lot of subtlety and patience into his objects by wandering between rationality and sensibility.

The collection Orbit is about decoding the repetitive afterimages of movement that Yoon has got from the moment of seeing traditional East Asia paintings. With this work, he shows a new panorama of an ordinary technique with his own narrative. By drawing the emoji and words while welding on the metal, each piece gains authentic quality in terms of materiality, structure, and function. Derived from the methodology of making coiled springs, he established a unique interpretation as fully hand-crafted gestures.

Limited edition of 30 pieces in total. The artificial bonsai plant included.

More about the designer:

Steel, transparent lacquer paint

3 kg

38 × 22 × 38 cm (W×D×H)

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